Artzvilla: Bring Art To Your Home & Heart


In 2015, Artzvilla forayed into the art acene with a mission:

To bridge the gap between artists and art lovers, art galleries, art collectors.

Artists are passionate individuals, they require constant support, exposure and encouragement. Our spotlight thus, is on budding artists. For it is not easy for the new generation of artists to earn a substantial income selling and exhibiting their art.

The contemporary art scene is riddled with hurdles. Art galleries charge a hefty commission ranging between 40-70% for art exhibitions. Even non-profit art galleries demand a 30-50% share in commissions. Despite the advent of numerous art portals, artists are yet to receive their fair share of recognition.

How Artzvilla Works:


Create Profile


Interact With Art Lovers


Sell At No Extra Cost


The Artzvilla website showcases the works of many upcoming artists. We are an online art marketplace, powering artists to promote and sell their work. We sell the artworks for the artists, free of cost.

Every artist at Artzvilla has an exclusive profile assigned to them. We help the artists build an impressive portfolio, enabling them to connect with the right audience. 

Artzvilla doesn’t earn any commissions on sale of art. Our main purpose is to create an awareness for art among the masses.We strive to bond with every individual art lover.



Promotion.Maximum Exposure.Study Platform.Build Your Reputation.Audience Connect.


Finally, artzvilla strives for the artist's heart and is motivated by our love for art.